St. Cuthbert's Way 
Retreat House 
Wooler, Northumberland
About St. Cuthbert's:

A Story Still Being Told...

St. Cuthbert's Way Retreat House is designed specifically as a resource for pilgrims walking St. Cuthbert's Way. Situated in Wooler, a stone built market town on the edge of the Northumberland National Park and at the foot of the Cheviot Hills, it represents an ideal place to pause from your journey and prepare for the final part of the Way.

Here you will find a large dedicated space in which to keep silence or to pray. There is a library of books and ebooks, creative space with a variety of art materials and many  musical instruments.  There is also a large contemplative garden with gravel paths and a stream.  

Feel free to spend as much time as you need before beginning the final leg of St. Cuthbert's Way. The house is situated on the Way, and is some 9 miles from St. Cuthbert's Cave and 15 miles from the causeway to Holy Island.

St. Cuthbert's Way Retreat House is a dynamic and continuously developing resource. We look forward to your input.

"...A pilgrim must be a child who can approach everything with an attitude of wonder, awe and faith. Pray for wonder, awe, desire. Ask God to take away your sophistication and cynicism. Ask God to take away the restless, anxious heart of the tourist, which always needs to find the new, the more, the curious. Recognize yourself as a pilgrim, as one who has already been found by God..."

from: " “On Pilgrimage with Father Richard Rohr”
St. Cuthbert's Retreat House